fireworks display frequently asked questions
Aren’t all fireworks and fireworks companies the same?
No, definitely no. Okay, let’s be honest. We’ll all tell you that we are the best and that we have the most spectacular fireworks. However, because our supplier is one of the world’s premier fireworks designers, we actually think we do.

So, whoever you choose, look for these things:
• Length of time serving the state of Arizona.
• Highest level of insurance protection for you and your event.
• Number of fireworks displays performed in Arizona per year.
• Who else trusts that company to provide their fireworks?
• Who provides the most attended fireworks training school for Fire Departments & Inspectors?
• What’s their safety record?
• Do they have an A+ Accreditation from the Arizona Business Bureau?
• Who provides the best over-all value and protection for your investment as opposed to being just the lowest cost company?

How much do fireworks cost?
It varies depending on the size of show you want, the length of the show and where you are having it (Permit fees vary from city to city). Contact us and we’ll create a budget based on your desired show.

What if the other guy is cheaper?
Fair enough. But…Explosives + low bidder = are you sure that’s the choice you feel safest with? Please make sure you are comparing “fireworks apples to fireworks apples.” Remember: 1 aerial fireworks shell = 1 effect. Don’t work with anyone who tells you that all of the little fiery sparkly “stars” that come out of 1 aerial shell counts as individual effects. Please don’t.

Can I buy fireworks from FPA?
Yes and no. Although some types of fireworks are legal in Arizona, FPA does not sell any type of consumer fireworks. If you have the proper BATFE (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives) licenses or usage permits or are a publicly-funded entity, then you can purchase the professional grade fireworks we use. If you don’t have those requirements, then the BATFE and State of Arizona will not allow you to purchase from us.

What type of fireworks do you have?
FPA specializes in both Aerial Displays (like the 4th of July) and Close-Proximity displays (like indoor concerts, outdoor sporting events or buildings as seen in the photo at the top of this page.) These are professional fireworks displays; sorry, we sell no consumer fireworks.

Where can I have fireworks?
Generally a reasonably large area is required for the aerial shells (like baseball fields or golf courses). Close-Proximity fireworks can be used in areas much smaller. As we discuss your plans, we can arrange to visit the location to determine what works best in that spot. In some cases, though, the location may not have enough room or fireworks may not be allowed at that facility.

Do I have to apply for the permit?
No, FPA will handle all of the necessary fireworks permitting for you. Some jurisdictions may require a Special Use Permit. We’ll help you answer any questions if they require you to get one. Different cities and counties have different lengths of time required for submitting the permit, anywhere from 45 days to two weeks. Contact us right away to make sure there is time to submit the permit.

Do I have to buy insurance for the fireworks?
No. Your display will include the best coverage in the state for your fireworks; 10 million dollars general liability per occurrence.

Are you hiring people to shoot fireworks?
FPA currently doesn’t have any full time positions available, but if you’re interested in learning how to work on a fireworks crew, drop us an e-mail with your interest and we’ll fill you in on how people get the opportunity to do this. You must be at least 18 years old and pass the BATFE Background Check.

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